Jim Foster

Director / Videographer / Editor / Camera Operator

Jim is a co-founder of Red13 Creative and Red13 Studios and has been working in audio and video production for over 20 years.

Jim started his professional videography & production career mainly working with artists and performers creating music videos. He has partnered with the. likes of Daughtry, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Soundgarden, Queensryche, and Whitechapel to name a few.

Since then, Jim has grown his skill set and now also specializes in corporate promotional/branding video, interview and journalism/documentary. Spending time creating with big brands (Under Armour) and small businesses alike.

Jim is a consummate professional with the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm essential in guiding video production projects but bring a collaborative and small community attitude to all of his work.

Creative Reel

Brands & Bands We’ve Created With

Tom Brady, E3, Silicon Valley Comic Con, Universal Records, Sony Music, Under Armour, CNCPTS, and more.

Tom Brady & Under Armor
Lyons Group


Emeline – Angel

Alternative Rock

Daughtry – Changes Are Coming

Hip Hop

Mass Of Man – Victims

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